Sunday, June 28, 2009

Readjusting to the new order

So, what does one do when everything is out of order? When everything is in DISORDER?

Why, go for a facial and massage of course!

On Monday when the DISORDER was about to overwhelm, I received an email from a local day spa. "Book an appointment today and get a FREE 15 minute extra treatment!" Well, guess who just happened to have a leftover gift card to said day spa with $115 on it, left over from 2007? YEP!

As I settled in for my free 15 minute hot stone massage I realized that THIS was exactly what I needed!! A little time for me, a little pampering, a little all-about-Katie escape and all starting to shift back into place.

Cameron is still unemployed. I still miss Nancy. Phoebe is still an old cat. But just that brief escape propelled me forward. I've even made some travel plans. Now that's what I call order!

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