Friday, December 30, 2011

What I learned in 2011

Each year, for the past couple of years, I've looked back to see what insights I have gained over the last 12 months. Every day and situation is certainly a learning opportunity; it's up to me what I choose to do with it. Here are a few things I believe I've learned or had reinforced this year:

Giving and kind acts beget more giving and kind acts.

Sitting court-side in Arthur Ashe Stadium at the US Open finals is very, very cool.

A great Buffett concert in a world landmark is worth flying 14 hours in Coach - and back 13 hours in 1st Class.  Over a weekend.

Spending time with our Danish relatives makes the world that much smaller.  And that much better.

There just might be a Jimmy Buffett lyric for every situation.

Good health and being pain-free can never be overrated.

If you don't A.S.K., you don't G.E.T when it comes to fundraising.

Stove top popcorn is still the best.

My family and friends are amazingly generous of time, spirit, love and resources.

Spending time with a 3 year old expands your imagination and makes you laugh a lot.

I love watching my nephew play water polo and win championships.

Being a good patient really does lead to faster recovery - do what the doctor says.

My husband is very, very funny and very sweet (okay, I knew that already).

Pathways to Independence has taken root in my heart.

Traveling in the Middle East is easier than it sounds and absolutely fascinating.

A Jeroboam isn't so hard to open.

FaceBook remains an excellent way to stay in touch, communicate and expand charitable works.

Paso Robles wine continues to impress, from Ecluse to Daou and I love going there, sharing it with friends.

Cancer is not fair.  It can strike an otherwise healthy, active, hiking and ice-dancing 76 year old and a lively, brilliant, bungee jumping, world traveling, 23 year old engineering student.

Winning awards is fun, especially when an iPad and a free vacation is included.

Adding fiber to your diet is important.

Not everything that happens needs to be posted on Facebook.

Friday assistants are important.

Always take the Bear Valley cutoff, don't go straight on the 18 to the 15. Ever.

John's Burgers has the best turkey burgers and Carino's in La Jolla is still the best (standard) pizza on the planet.

Love is a 3 year old in your arms who just melts into you.

10 years later, my memories of 9/11 can still bring me to tears.

There is always more to do.

We live close enough to the beach to hear the fog horns (that's what I'm hearing as I type).

Flossing daily is a good habit to get in to.

A grateful heart is a happy heart.

Being kind is always the best choice.

I am blessed, but that's another one I already knew...

Bring on 2012, I'm ready to learn more!

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