Wednesday, December 26, 2012


A draft I found from 2010...

In a very fortunate life, filled with lots of good stuff, one of my joys is my 28 month old niece McKenna. She is so funny, loving, smart, stubborn and you might get that I am totally in love with her. That's how it just is sometimes. I'm not a mom, but I am a darned good aunt.

Yesterday, during Thanksgiving festivities at her house, we were running up and down the hall. She would should "RUN, KK! RUN FAST!" and off we would go, faster than I thought I could move this large 53+ year old body, but McKenna can make me do just about anything. On a few of the runs down the very long hallway I would duck into a doorway and wait for her to notice. She would come running back to find me.

Finally, after the third or fourth time of my ducking out, she ran up to me and said "I love you", and just as my heart was melting, she took off running and called over her shoulder  :"RUN, KK!" and off we went.

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