Tuesday, January 1, 2013

As long as we're talking travel...

2009:  Sydney, Melbourne, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Vancouver Island, Chicago, Honolulu, San Franciso, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Brisbane, Whitsundays, Dallas, Houston, Sydney (yes, Australia 3 times this year), Chicago: 74,570 miles

 New Year's Eve/Day on Sydney Harbour

 Jimmy Buffett in Honolulu
 Aphelion off Whitehaven Beach, Oz

2010: Chicago, Palm Springs, Tucson, Austin, Madrid, Sacramento, Oakland, Seattle, Kauai, Virginia, Austin: 32,869 miles

  Rioja region of Spain
 Austin, TX 


2011: Sydney, Sacramento, San Francisco, Atlanta, New York, Sacramento, Kona, Chicago, Houston, Jackson Hole, Houston, New York, Israel, Jordan, Austin: 65,613 miles

  Jimmy Buffett concert in Sydney

  Kayaking in Kona


  Petra, Jordan

2012: San Francisco, Chicaago, Atlanta, (double knee replacements kept me off planes for 3 months), Maui, Houston, Melbourne, Sydney, Jackson Hole, San Francisco, New York, Cedar Rapids, Denmark, Prague, Austin: 60,317 miles

   Victoria, Australia
  Denmark with the cousins
 Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

I could probably rebuild years further back but those are the ones I have in my BlackBerry right now, with all the connections and miles by segment.  I didn't count the drives to Paso Robles, Santa Ynez, Big Bear and San Diego.  What will 2013 bring?  We already have Chicago, Atlanta, San Diego and Costa Rica planned.  What else?

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