Monday, January 1, 2007

It starts somewhere

So my blog starts here. Not sure where I'll go and how in-depth I'll get, but I'll start here, this January 1, 2007, this new year in which I will see the half century mark.

Why "hygge hut" as the title for my blog? Hygge is a Danish word and there is no English translation. It is a concept of warmth, welcome, acceptance and feeling all toasty good inside. Candles glowing, a fireplace roaring and a fine glass of something with family or friends or that someone on a winter's eve is hygge. A beautiful summer day surrounded by friends at a barbecue, playing croquet or resting in a hammock while the laughter and chatter of the group sweeps over you is hygge.

I hope you'll feel the hygge here at the hygge hut.

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