Saturday, January 6, 2007

Random Acts

God's will.

What is it? Can we make a difference by throwing back the proverbial starfish, one at a time? Can we bounce back the good luck by letting the car in? Do we really do things for others for selfless reasons, or are we motivated by what we will reap from the action in the universe?

I believe good begets good and I love the surprise factor of the random act of kindness. Sometimes no one is more surprised that I am when I hand the cashier my Starbucks's card for the woman in front of me who realizes she has no cash, her debit card won't work and she's about to write a check for a $4 latte on which she probably shouldn't be spending her money.

Did I just enable someone who really needs to learn how to manage her money? Did I get that person who was standing between me and my grande sugarfree hazelnut non-fat latte out of my %&^%&*&$$#@ way? Did I just do something kind that might inspire her to let that car in? Will that driver in turn do something nice for another and so on and so on and so on and so on..........

It must be a combination because she got her latte gratis and I got my latte sooner than waiting for her to write the check. Maybe she did let that car in, too. Maybe that chain kept going and that's why I got that parking spot today.

Thanks, universe.

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