Sunday, October 4, 2009


How many sets of sheets do you need? I mean, how many are too few, how many too many? Should there be one set for every month or every season? Changing them at least weekly, of course, but do you leave the bed naked while they wash and put the same ones back on? Or do you buy all the same kind so there is always a fresh set but the bed always looks the same? Or change it up and surprise your husband with a new look every week?

I ask because I always want to buy sheets. I can't stay away from the linen section. That 100% cotton, 300+ thread count king set on sale just beckons to me. And now that we're back in California with our king bed that isn't a California king, those king sets are harder to find here. Shouldn't I buy them just because I don't know if I'll find them again when I really need them? Buying them on the Internet isn't the same. I have to hold the package in my hand, really see the color and read the label. Does it have deep pockets? What's the thread count? Where is it made?

And how do you know when you need new sheets, not just want them? Do they wear out? Does the elastic go? That hasn't happened to me, but maybe because I have too many sets so they never get a chance to wear out. Again, what's too many?

And we use a down comforter, so duvet covers just open up all kinds of possibilities. How do I know if I have enough duvet covers or if I have too many? Or not enough? These I change with the season and the weather. Different weights and textures: flannel versus flat weave versus denim weight; casual versus formal versus seasonal themes. That means as soon as the weather cools off the flannel fall leaf patterned duvet cover goes on, as do the matching flannel sheets. (And the electric blanket, but that's a different topic.)

Just yesterday I bought a set of hotel-white 350 thread count sheets and a new lightweight duvet cover in pewter and white - a totally new color scheme for me. I'm kind of excited about a new look. But it's October - do I put on the new white sheets now, before the flannel sheets come out or should I wait until next spring, when the flannel comes off?

Maybe this is why I have anxiety? I think I need to remove the question mark from my keyboard now. And perhaps I shouldn't write at midnight on a Sunday. My sage green 400 thread count sheets and the summer weight green and white duvet cover are waiting. I think I'll change those tomorrow. Maybe I'll try the white sheets. Maybe.... oh, good grief and good night.

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