Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top Ten

We have been asked to provide a Top Ten List for a New Year's Eve gathering. No subject matter, just come up with a Top Ten List for 2009. I thought I'd share a couple with you, while deciding what to share.

Top Ten Items to Pack in Your Suitcase:
1. enough underwear
2. deodorant
3. a pair of sandals
4. camera battery charger
5. charger for any electronic gadget you're dragging along
6. bathing suit, because you never know when you'll need it
7. blank thank you card to write out while you're visiting friends to leave on the pillow
8. hostess gift
9. an extra pair of underwear
10. camera, with a charged battery

Top Ten Things I did in 2009 and Hope I Won't Do Again:
1. not take enough underwear on a trip
2. forget the camera charger
3. not believe my husband when he says he's worried about losing his job
4. hold my poor old cat in a towel instead of her carrier when going to put her to sleep
5. spend 7 hours in Denver trying to get to Atlanta instead of buying a ticket
6. try to reason with an unreasonable client
7. spend over $70 per person for tea
8. fall behind in my SalesPro updates
9. forget to floss
10. stop counting/tracking points

Top Ten Things I did in 2009 and Hope I Will Do Again:
1. start the New Year on a boat in Sydney Harbour
2. go to Australia three times in one year
3. go flying in a private plane
4. have a nice visit with Anna
5. spend time with friends around the country and around the world
6. spend time alone with Jackson and with McKenna
7. make something good out of tragedy, like a new friend
8. lose 24+ pounds
9. tell and show my husband I love him frequently and with gusto
10. make a difference with Pathways to Independence and Long Beach Basket Brigade

Still a work in progress. Happy New Year to all!

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  1. I like all three lists. I especially like the meet a new friend part. :)


    P.S. Wedding in CA has been moved to July. Is there still room at the Larson Lodge?