Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Where are those glasses, anyway?

My beloved husband, my dear engineer, absent-minded professor and farsighted guy received some nice gifts this year from our families. He loves the argyle sweater. He likes the iTunes gift card and the BevMo gift card. He even thinks he can use that utility cord carrier that someone gave him.

He was quick to tell me we'd need to exchange the nice Eddie Bauer shirt that someone gave in him in Large, because he needs at XLT.

Of course, he has no idea who gave him any of those things. Nor did he know that the L shirt he opened was actually OUR gift to my step-father.

That's because Cameron can't read the tags without his glasses. He didn't want to get up to find them, he wasn't sitting next to me to have me read everything and said "I just opened what I was handed".

That pocket on your shirt, Cam? That's for your reading glasses.

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