Thursday, July 23, 2009

MY DIY Husband

We live in a 1955 tract home which is built with a raised foundation. This means there is this delightful crawl space under the house meant for creepy crawlies, critters and a Do It Yourself husband.

When we first moved in he was doing so much plumbing and electrical work under the house, I offered to put a mail box outside the opening to the crawl space.

Today he promised that he had just one more trip under the house. Just one and everything would be done. The whole house sound system, moving TV cables to every room and whatever else he was doing.

While he was on his last trip under the house a neighbor came over. As we sat and chatted for a moment I was hearing some strange bumps and knocks. My neighbor looked around, unsure of what was going on. She had no idea Cameron was under the house.

"Katie!!" I heard his muffled yell. Scared, I jumped up. "Yes?! What?! Where are you?!"

"Can I come out now? You've keep me under here all day and I promise I'll be good!"

My neighbor gave me the funniest look.

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