Wednesday, July 8, 2009

You want me to do what?!

What do two $1600 rifles have in common with 80 pieces of luggage and six surfboards?

Give up? Really? Come on.... take a guess!!!

All need to get on a United flight and today I've been asked to figure out how to do each of them. Three different sets of passengers, three different flights.

Why does a famous chef want to take two rifles to Mongolia via South Korea?

What could three people possibly be taking with them to Washington that needs 80 pieces of luggage?

Six surfboards? Seriously? Six?

My job is all about ending hunger, solving world peace and finding a cure for cancer. Except for the days it's not.

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  1. Hey there, Katie! I just punched in for a brief look tonight before bedding down. I can't wait to see more tomorrow. You are a very talented writer. I like what I see!!