Monday, August 24, 2009

What should he do?

My husband, who was unceremoniously laid off from his job (three guys in India will be doing his work, namaste), has a new job. This is a very good thing. It doesn't pay quite as much as the old job, but the benefits and security are pretty good. And it pays a whole lot more than no job. A whole lot. So, all and all, this is really pretty good. We get to keep our house, our cars and our lifestyle. See? Good.

He starts September 8th. That's two weeks away. Heck, it was three weeks away from last week when he got the start date.

So, what should he do while he waits? This is pretty much it for any vacation time for the next year as he has to start with only 2 weeks of vacation a year. Soooo, how cool to have two (and it was three) weeks to do ANYTHING you want. What would you do?

Cameron has full flight benefits and a valid passport to go anywhere in the world. Yes, anywhere he can find a seat and he has 21 years of senority (mine) to get him to the front-ish of the line and maybe sit in First Class. He has a long list (the "uber list") of things to do around the house, like finish the bathroom he started remodeling early this year. Or build a fireplace mantle that he was going to do three years ago. He could clean the house, as we let the house cleaner go when he lost his job in April. He could catch up on his Facebook posts and answer those cause and friend requests. He could play golf EVERYDAY if he wanted. He could grocery shop and plan exquisite (WW friendly) meals for his beloved.

What is he doing? Nothing. Oh, he's getting some sleep, watching TV, on the computer, bugging me. Okay, so right this moment he is fixing me dinner. That's good, too.


I'd have a suitcase packed so fast and be out the door like a whirlwind. Here I come Chicago, London, back to Australia, Hawaii, Atlanta, Miami. Heck, I might even visit my new friends in Texas. FREE time off? To do anything and go anywhere??

Men. Don't understand them. But I do appreciate the meals.

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  1. YES!!!! Come to Texas!!! Just thought I'd throw that out there in case you are ever thinking of coming. You would be MORE than welcome. Both of you!!