Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm going to bed now

A long time ago I read a story or article about a woman who was going to bed, leaving her husband to watch TV. On her way to bed she did at least a zillion things before she finally crawled between the sheets, only to find her husband sound asleep already.

Is there a woman out there to whom this has not happened?

Last night Cameron was watching TV, flipping through channels. I was ironing every piece of clothing I'm considering taking to Australia (and which will be packed tightly and well wrinkled upon arrival). I finally finished the pile of ironing and told Cameron I was going to go to bed. It was a little after 11:00 p.m. He mumbled or grunted something about watching TV awhile longer.

I put away the clothes, the iron and the ironing board. I checked to make sure the front door was locked and turned out the porch light. I turned out the living room light. I went into the kitchen and checked to make sure the back door was locked. I wiped down a counter. I turned off the light and walked out.

I walked back into the kitchen, turned the light on and set up the coffee maker for the morning. I put out fresh dish towels. I turned off the light and walked out.

I walked back into the kitchen, turned on the light, checked to see how much milk we had for the coffee. I straightened a pile of newspapers. Then I put them in the recycle bin. I walked out of the kitchen, checked to make sure the sliding glass door was locked and walked into the office.

I walked back out of the office to turn the kitchen light off. Before I did, I took a look around, found that the camera battery I had plugged in earlier was charged, but my BlackBerry was not. Turned on the BlackBerry and found a work-related email. Answered it. Turned off the kitchen light and carried the BlackBerry into the office, where I intended to plug it in.

Another email came in, this time a Facebook notice. I sat down at the computer and pulled up Facebook. Checked on my friends, checked on my profile then closed it out and started to turn off the computer, but remembered I needed to check my email. There was a notice there of another Facebook entry. And a notice of a sale at J Jill. Checked out the site. Nothing tonight. Closed out the email, pulled up Facebook again.

Well, as long as I'm on line better check the email, too. Better look at those photos from McKenna's birthday party again, too. Ahhh.... Okay, time for bed.

Got up, turned off the screen, checked the front door, the back door and the slider again. All locked. Turned off all the lights. The house was quiet. And dark except for a bedside lamp in the master bedroom down the hall. Walked into the dark media room. No TV on, no husband watching it. Checked the french door to make sure it was locked. It wasn't. Locked it.

Started down the hall to the bedroom, from where I could hear loud snoring. Remembered I needed something from the dive bag for the trip. Turned on the lights again, got out the dive bag, rummaged through it. Found the item, put everything back in the bag, stowed it and took the item to the vacation staging area, aka the guest room.

Went to bed. Started to turn out the light and remembered the BlackBerry wasn't charging. Got up, plugged in the BlackBerry. Decided to check all the locks again.

Went back to bed. It was 12:30 a.m.

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