Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What I Learned in 2013

It's time again for my annual post about what I learned in the year just closing.  I'm happy to say that I can still learn something every year - every day - and I hope I am a kinder, gentler person because of it.  With tongue firmly in cheek on a few of these and hand to my heart on others, here are some of the things I learned in 2013:

  1. There is life after United.
  2. Watching those we love grow older and more frail makes me feel helpless.
  3. Buying a real airline ticket to make sure you get on the flight is pretty cool.  And miles are earned, too.
  4. Money can change lives and change people, although not always for the better.
  5. Just when I thought I had enough friends, my life expanded to welcome in more.  Those I'm talking about know who you are.
  6. I am still good at taking exams, and I'm still the first one done.
  7. People you least suspect can have terrible, hurtful secrets.
  8. At 56 years old I can find a new career and love it with the enthusiasm of someone much younger.
  9. My skills are transferable.
  10. Therapy is a gift.
  11. Real estate sales are far more about customer service than they are sales, which is why I love the new career.
  12. Our capacity to love and forgive is immense.
  13. 65 miles is really, really, REALLY far away when it's the distance between you and a 5 year old.
  14. Saying I love you to people you love is important, no matter how much they know it.
  15. A heart can be shattered, but love, time, understanding and attention will usually help mend it. 
  16. Some things are worth working on.
  17. Some things are not worth working on.
  18. I can root against the UCLA Bruins when they are playing against my nephew and his Stanford Cardinal team.
  19. Exercise really does help.
  20. Watching a 5 year old learn letters, numbers, concepts and more is the coolest thing.  
  21. Traveling with friends can surprise you.
  22. I love to zipline.
  23. Stanford is my 2nd favorite team, except when the Cardinal Men's water polo team is playing UCLA, then they are my favorite.
  24. I despise studying, regardless of subject.  Not much has changed there in decades or ever.
  25. Stopping the mind to just be in the moment is very, very hard.
  26. Sometimes a box wine is just fine, although not all box wine is fine.
  27. I don't miss my job at United.  Aside from the regular paycheck, that is.
  28. Becoming friends with winery owners is fun and leads to good times with really good people.
  29. I have a vital support system with some incredible friends.
  30. Cancers still sucks.
  31. "The Power of Now" is more like a super power.
  32. I really can't sing, no matter how much I try.
  33. My husband loves to take dance lessons.
  34. Good intentions can be misconstrued and people can accuse you of things you never did, with no way to ever convince them otherwise.
  35. I can survive anything.  Well, so far!


  1. Fabulous list. 34 really hit home with me. Actually many did. Thanks for your friendship over the years.

  2. Thanks for sharing your year of learnings, Katie! I'm so grateful that we've begun to connect via FB and blog--look forward to much more in 2014! Have a great one!